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Calculus BC 1st Semester Final Exam Study Guide

Here's a study guide I made for Calc BC (it also works for the whole year of AB) It covers:

UPDATE v1.3: I've added information about derivative and 2nd derivative graphs, a hint or two, and page numbers (probably forgot something again so don't get mad if i post a new version)

UPDATE v1.3b: I corrected the Quotient Rule

Detailed contents after the break...


  • Limits
    • Introduction
    • Laws
    • Solving limits
    • Definitions of continuity
    • Forcing a function to be continuous
    • Intermediate Value Theorem
  • Derivatives
    • Tangent lines
    • List of derivatives
    • L'Hopitals' rule
    • Linear Approximations
  • Anti-Derivatives
    • Basics
    • Field Lines
    • Volume by integration (Shell, disk, washer methods & solids with known cross sections)
    • List of anti-derivatives
    • 1st Fundamental theorem of calculus
    • Approximation of area (left sums, right sums. mid-point sums, trapezoids)
    • Arc Length
    • Average value of a function
    • Engineering applications


uhh check the quotient deriviative formula, its wrong.

unless its highlighted cause its wrong or something, idk, but still u should prob fix it cause im sure there are lots of ppl depeding on ur site and it would suck to screw them over. just saying...

I just saw your comment the other day... It's fixed now.

Whats does the BC in your title stand for?

The BC is the moniker used by the AP College Board to refer to their AP Calculus BC curriculum. This is designed to teach the same material that college level calculus I and II cover. "AB Calc" covers just the material in college level calculus I.

I was looking at the derivative graphs and  "If f′ changes sign from + to – at x = c, then f(x) is a min" should be a max and vise versa