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Calculus BC 1st Semester Final Exam Study Guide

Here's a study guide I made for Calc BC (it also works for the whole year of AB) It covers:

UPDATE v1.3: I've added information about derivative and 2nd derivative graphs, a hint or two, and page numbers (probably forgot something again so don't get mad if i post a new version)

UPDATE v1.3b: I corrected the Quotient Rule

Detailed contents after the break...


  • Limits
    • Introduction
    • Laws
    • Solving limits
    • Definitions of continuity
    • Forcing a function to be continuous
    • Intermediate Value Theorem
  • Derivatives
    • Tangent lines
    • List of derivatives
    • L'Hopitals' rule
    • Linear Approximations
  • Anti-Derivatives
    • Basics
    • Field Lines
    • Volume by integration (Shell, disk, washer methods & solids with known cross sections)
    • List of anti-derivatives
    • 1st Fundamental theorem of calculus
    • Approximation of area (left sums, right sums. mid-point sums, trapezoids)
    • Arc Length
    • Average value of a function
    • Engineering applications